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Cruise Control Status Display with Quartz Composer

As presented during a lightning talk at RubyConf 2008.

At work, we’ve got quite a few projects under continuous integration, running on CC.rb. The web status display is handy for checking up on build status, but it doesn’t look too good sitting there in a web browser up on a big screen TV in the office. So, I decided to learn Quartz Composer and do something about it.

Right, let’s see some screenshots!

A list of projects, all green. The display rotates through all of the projects:

Uh oh, a broken build!


When more than one project is broken, the display will cycle between just the broken or building projects until everything’s fixed.

Get the .qtz here: cc_status.qtz. To use it for your project, edit the global patch parameters to point to your cruise control server’s XmlStatusReport.aspx. I recommend this for the largest display you have available.

Send me an email if you’re using this!

Update: Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

My lightning talk at RubyConf 2008 is available at confreaks.

If you’d like to try this out without having cruise control installed, you can use the xml file I used in the demo:
test.xml. To change the state of a project, edit either the activity or lastBuildStatus values.